Shelley Miller

Advocate Specialist - Native Alliance Against Violence

Shelley Miller, Advocate Specialist, Native Alliance Against Violence, has been advocating in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault for the past 20 years.  Shelley began providing direct services and referrals for victims in a seven county area for the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma. This experience left her advocating for the development of a civil legal assistance project that was eventually funded by the Office of Justice, Violence Against Women office.  The civil legal assistance project demonstrated the success of advocates and attorneys working together in our community.  Recently Shelley has started working at the Native Alliance Against Violence office as the advocate specialist.  In this capacity, she is able to provide technical assistance and training to tribal advocates and works as the advocate liaison for the Coordinated Indigenous Resource Center for Legal Empowerment Project.  This project works with existing tribal domestic violence programs to provide civil legal assistance in tribal areas without legal assistance programs.