Teen Sexual Assault: Be in the Know

Teen Sexual Assault: Be in the Know, Room: Oklahoma G

Wednesday - September 12, 2018: 10:30 a.m. - noon

Discover the specific needs of teen victims of sexual assault and address topics including sexuality, anatomy, brain development and memory, myths, and same sex victimization. Explore Oklahoma Laws, rights, and statistics that specifically affect teen victims of sexual assault, and walk through a Teen Sexual Assault Nurse Examination. From the creation of the YWCA Teen Sexual Assault Program to providing secondary survivor services, this presentation will address all things teen.




Amanda Kemp

Director of Forensic Exams - YWCA of Oklahoma City

Dina Farrell

Teen Sexual Assault Advocate - YWCA of Oklahoma City

Karla Docter

Senior director of Sexual Assault Services - YWCA of Oklahoma City