Re-Setting the Alarm: Taming Trauma Triggers

Re-Setting the Alarm: Taming Trauma Triggers, Room: Oklahoma I

Wednesday - September 12, 2018: 10:30 a.m. - noon

The body’s internal alarm system becomes difficult to turn off when faced with reminders of trauma history and current maltreatment. Trauma “triggers” can come in a variety of forms including sensory reminders and child behaviors. These are often puzzling to both the survivor and the helping professional and can cause significant distress. Participants will learn how to help survivors manage their responses to triggers as well as explore the history behind them. We will share some methods for collecting a survivor’s traumatic experiences through assessments and interviews. The re-setting of the body’s alarm system requires physiological interventions. Presenters will demonstrate these interventions and give participants the opportunity to practice techniques for both adult and child survivors. Some attention will be given to the impact of trauma work on helping professionals with suggestions provided regarding self-care.



Missy Behrents Iski

Vice Presiden of Programs and Counseling - Domestic Violence Intervention Services

Crystal Brill

Vice President of Children's Trauma Program - Domestic Violence Intervention Services