A Health Promotion Approach to Advocacy

A Health Promotion Approach Advocacy, Room: Oklahoma CD

Thursday - September 13, 2018: 1:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Often, prevention and advocacy efforts are isolated from each other, with the exception of referrals. As more and more organizations are looking to invest in thoughtful and effective prevention programming, have to navigate the relationship between prevention and response. What may be overlooked in this process is the way these efforts can inform and support each other. Prevention efforts are less effective without effective response systems in place to support increased disclosures. Advocacy services fall short when they don’t include opportunities for survivors to learn about and pursue health and safety. Promoting sexual health and equity is a key factor in preventing sexual violence. It is also incredibly valuable for our advocacy and sexual violence response work. It’s not enough to exclusively identify what violence is. We need to provide and support resources that connect people to healthier and safer visions of relationships, sex, and sexuality. This skills-based presentation will provide an opportunity to practice several health promotion principles that can improve the effectiveness of our advocacy work.




Megan Foster

Coordinator - Oregon State Department